Rack and Stack ‘Em

Even though I’m about to start construction on our new wine cellar (stay tuned for posts about that in the not so far future), Kelly and I required additional, inexpensive, but eye-pleasing storage for the wine we’ve been amassing from our favorite Virginia wineries.  There is some built-in storage for wine in our house, but come on…what kind of people would we be with only enough rations for a week 🙂

I didn’t want to purchase an expensive wine rack until I got further along with the construction of the wine cellar as there’s still some debate on the color scheme, which for some reason, Kelly is winning.  So, with that said, here’s what I bought.

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Stone Tower Winery

It is only fitting that the first post on this Virginia Wine Blog be about the winery where my wine-ucation began.  Oh sure, I have enjoyed wine for a long time, but we’re talking about the bartender recommended during happy hour or what the group was drinking at dinner or maybe even the bottle that was on sale at the supermarket.

I had tasted some good wines and some BAD wines, but couldn’t remember tasting any wines that I loved enough to remember by name.  I mean who can keep track of whether you liked the 2012 Cab Sav or 2013? I never could…though I suppose you might argue now that I just hadn’t enough interest to try.

My experience at Stone Tower changed that for me and wine became more of a passion than a beverage.

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