About Us

Welcome to A Complex Crush! We began this blog as an outlet for some of our biggest “crushes” in life; writing, trying new wines, taking photos, and of course, spending time together.

We live in the heart of  Virginia’s wine country, nestled between dozens of wineries and vineyards.  When we first started drinking, well over the age of 21 of course, it was pretty much just beer.  It’s inexpensive, bars and restaurants usually had lots of options during happy hour, and it tastes good…well some of it does anyway.

Kelly, a good Irish girl, developed a taste for dark beers and stouts – the darker the better.  For Kris, it was a transition that started with years and years of homebrewing.  From IPAs to Belgian Ales, to Stouts & Porters.  As we aged, we found beer caused us to feel full … AND it made our pants tight!  Wine to the rescue!  Seriously though, we found out that we both really enjoyed wine and that’s how everything started.

Lucky for us we live super close to SO many wine tasting options and we love to look at the map, find a couple of wineries that are near one another, and go for a visit.  Sometimes we do all new-to-us locations while other times we mix it up with some of our favorites.

Not only do we enjoy tasting the wine, but we also enjoy the opportunity to talk to fellow wine lovers and the winery staff about the wines, the vineyard, recipes…pretty much anything to do with the subject.

So that’s what this blog is all about…a place where we can chat about the wineries we’ve visited, the wines we taste, fun wine-related activities and the awesome people we’ve had the privilege to meet along the way.

Thanks so much for being here, please drop us a line about anything you find interesting or topics you’d like to see more of or even just to say hi!  You can comment below or contact me here: acomplexcrush@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kris & Kelly