Sip & Paint

You may have heard about a thing called Sip and Paint, they seem to be popping up everywhere the last few years.  I had heard they were lots of fun but just hadn’t made it to one yet…until now.

Chantilly National Golf & Country Club hosted a Sip and Paint night last week.  The activity description promised two glasses of wine, snacks and all of the painting supplies needed.  Sounded like a great deal so Kris and I decided to sign up and check it out.
As we were walking in, Kris commented that it was likely to be a little lopsided on attendance and he might be the only guy. Nah…surely not! 

Well, he was nearly right, and though not the only guy, by the time the other 45 or so people filled the room there were definitely more women…a lot more. Regardless, a little wine and cheese and all was good.

Our host for the evening, Luc, introduced himself and explained that he would be coming around with our art supplies (canvas, tabletop easel, paints, and brushes) and then we would begin.  At this point, I was getting pretty excited.  The last time I took an art class I was in high school, which was a long time ago, and I was ready to unleash my inner Bob Ross skills!

Now I should tell you that I am not artistically gifted in any way…those skills reside with my younger brother but that’s a story for another day.  I was very happy that Luc called us to attention and informed us that we would be doing the painting step by step together.  He put his canvas up on an easel in front of the group and told us how to hold the brush, to paint the brush strokes to look like his, and how to mix the paint colors.  

He encouraged us to drink our wine…apparently, that helps improve painting skills!  Luc definitely deserves a shoutout.  Not only was he talented with the brush, he made the atmosphere and mood perfect with humor and encouragement.  Check him out here.  Additionally, his Instagram account,, has a lot of cool step by step paintings you can do from home.

While we weren’t drinking Virginia wine that evening, we did have a glass each of Pinot Noir and Cab Sav from Sterling Vintners.  The funny thing, Kris typical prefers the Cabs of Pinots and I can go either way.  On this evening, Kris shockingly liked the Pinot better with its black cherry and vanilla notes.  I preferred the Cab, a medium-bodied wine with blackberry and spice.  Both of these bottles are easily found in many stores for under $10/bottle.

It was a very fun evening, we met some nice people, drank a few glasses of tasty wine, and came home with two very different, but the same, paintings that will not fit in the refrigerator!